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The Navy Lark

This is a full series listing of the Navy Lark. For the other associated shows, then use the toolbar to the left to go to their relative pages. Those episodes marked in red have been swiped from the Admiralty stores by one CPO Pertwee and flogged off for some beer money. As such we are very keen to locate them again. If you have, or even think you have, one of them, please contact me or Fred Vintner, or write to the society address.

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Series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15


1-129.3.59 The First EpisodeVolume 11
1-25.4.59 Working Their Passage
1-312.4.59 Having Their FunVolume 11
1-419.4.59 The Fairground LightsVolume 11
1-526.4.59 The Comfort FundVolume 12
1-63.5.59 Stuck Up The Inlet
1-710.5.59 The Admiral's Party
1-817.5.59 The Hank Of HeatherVolume 12
1-924.5.59 The Multiple Mines
1-1031.5.59 The Gun Mechanism Test
1-117.6.59 The Whittlesea Bay Yacht Regatta
1-1214.6.59 The Psychology Test
1-1321.6.59 A Watch On The Initiative Test
1-1428.6.59 An Exercise In Filming
1-155.7.59 The Smuggling Spy
1-1612.7.59 The Whittlesea Carnival And FeteVolume 11


2-1 16.10.59New at the HelmVolume 9
2-2 23.10.59Fatso's Box BrownieVolume 9
2-3 30.10.59 Bringing back The BargeVolume 9
2-46.11.59 The Mock ActionVolume 9
2-513.11.59 Going DutchVolume 10
2-620.11.59 The FigureheadVolume 10
2-727.11.59 Working Their Passage
2-84.12.59 Johnson Finds Treasure
2-911.12.59 The Charter Trip To Antarctica
2-1018.12.59 Cementing RelationsVolume 10
2-1125.12.59Strike up the BandVolume 10
2-121.1.60 The Route March
2-138.1.60 The Trip Up The Thames
2-1415.1.60 Working Their Passage
2-1522.1.60 A Crisp Romance
2-1629.1.60 The Lighthouse LarkVolume 2
2-175.2.60 Pertwee Posted To Portsmouth
2-1812.2.60 Working Their Passage
2-1919.2.60 Working Their Passage
2-2026.2.60 Working Their Passage
2-214.3.60 The Cross Country Run
2-2211.3.60 Working Their Passage
2-2318.3.60 Working Their Passage
2-2425.3.60 Working Their Passage
2-251.4.60 Mr Murray Goes Sick
2-268.4.60 The Potarneyland Fishing Limit
2-2711.5.60 Wrens Reunion at the Festival Hall


3-12.11.60 In Portsmouth For A Re-fit
3-29.11.60 Refitting Ebeneezer Pertwee
3-316.11.60 Sea Trials Of The Poppadom
3-423.11.60 Mutiny Aboard Troutbridge
3-530.11.60 The Explosive Biscuits
3-67.12.60 Sir Willoughby Takes Over An Island
3-714.12.60 Mount Rumpus AtollVolume 1
3-821.12.60 50th Show Special Perf For The Queen And Queen Mother
3-928.12.60 Johnson’s Birthday
3-104.1.61 Working Their Passage
3-1111.1.61 Working Their Passage
3-1218.1.61 Working Their Passage
3-1325.1.61 Working Their Passage
3-141.2.61 Working Their Passage
3-158.2.61 The Floggle Grummit Missile
3-1615.2.61 The Hitch Hiking Counterfeiter
3-1722.2.61 Commodore GoldsteinVolume 1
3-181.3.61 Mr Phillips Has Navigation Tuition
3-198.3.61 CPO Pertwee And The Laundry
3-2015.3.61 Working Their Passage In The Last Of The Current Series


4-115.9.61 Returning From Leave
4-222.9.61 Captain Povey's Spy
4-329.9.61 Working Their Passage
4-46.10.61 The Northampton Hunt BallVolume 1
4-513.10.61 Hijacked
4-620.10.61 Admiral Troutbridge
4-727.10.61 Relatives And Reservations
4-83.11.61 Humgrummits On The High Seas
4-910.11.61Are Captain And Mrs Povey Married?
4-1017.11.61 Cine Cameras At Sea
4-1124.11.61 The Citizen Adjustment Course
4-121.12.61 A Hole Lieutenant
4-138.12.61 Spy catching In Casablanca
4-1415.12.61 Mount Pot Erupts
4-1522.12.61 Captain Povey's Shop
4-1629.12.61 Leading Seaman Goldstein's Party
4-175.1.62 The Invitation
4-1812.1.62 Working Their Passage
4-1919.1.62 A Strange Hobby
4-2026.1.62 Mr Phillips gets engaged
4-212.2.62 The Sinking Of The Bubble Car
4-229.2.62 Long Jonathan Pertwee
4-2316.2.62 The Admiral's Accident report
4-2423.2.62 Over The Sea To Rosyth
4-252.3.62 The Return Of Sir Frederick Flatley
4-269.3.62 Working Their Passage In The Last Of The Current Series (The Ship's Concert)


SP?25.12.62(Christmas Special For Antarctica - Not broadcast in the UK)


5-15.4.63First Day Out Of Dock
5-212.4.63100th Edition
5-319.4.63A Deliberate BashingVolume 2
5-426.4.63Whittlesea Regatta
5-53.5.63 HMS Troutbridge Gets A Rocket
5-610.5.63The Ghost Ship


6-127.9.63 Wren Chasen Returns
6-24.10.63 On The Carpet
6-311.10.63 The Bungalese Spies
6-418.10.63 Troutbridge’s Party
6-525.10.63 Rescuing Admirals
6-61.11.63 Demise Of The Depth Charges
6-78.11.63 The Struggle For Promotion
6-815.11.63 Fred Computables
6-922.11.63 TS: Bashing Six Kinds Of Brick Dust (Stormy Weather)
6-1029.11.63 Chasing The Kepeac
6-116.12.63 (The Submerged Island
6-1213.12.63 The Sicilian Secret Agent
6-1320.12.63 Germany’s Troutbridge
6-1427.12.63 Confirming Povey’s Rank
6-153.1.64 Ferrying Their Way Through (The Calais Dock Strike)
6-1610.1.64 Taking Liberties With History (Johnson’s Memoirs)
6-1717.1.64 The Emperor Of Tratvia
6-1824.1.64 Doing Their Fifteen Sided Nuts (Open Day)
6-1931.1.64 Having A Go, For The Last Time In The Current Series (Stuck On A Sandbank)


7-111.7.65 Taking Some Liberties
7-218.7.65 Taking Some Liberties
7-325.7.65 Doing A Mischief
7-41.8.65 The Povey’s Move House
7-58.8.65 Captain Povey Reports Sick
7-615.8.65 Admiral Pertwee’s Fleet
7-722.8.65 Let Loose With A ChopperVolume 2
7-829.8.65 Making A Right Pig's Breakfast
7-95.9.65 The Mysterious Pudding Mine
7-1012.9.65 Belting Three Feet Up In The Air Through (The Hovercraft Training Course)
7-1119.9.65 Floggle Toggling Their Way Through (The Sabotaged Floggle-Toggle-Box)
7-1226.9.65 The Potarneyland Training Exercise
7-133.10.65 Doing A Mischief, For The Last Time In The Current Series (Going On Leave To Croydon)


SP25.12.65Christmas Special (Not broadcast in UK)


8-14.9.66 Searching For Their Ship (Where Is Troutbridge?)
8-211.9.66 Float-A-Peddling Their Way Through (The Float A Peddle Fiddle)
8-318.9.66 Gumming Up The Works (A Sticky Business)
8-425.9.66 Buoying Up (Buoys Will Be Buoys)
8-52.10.66 Charitably Taking Part (Steamship Day)
8-69.10.66 Drifting Through (Farewell To HMS Varsity)
8-716.10.66 Blowing Themselves Up (The Army Lark)
8-823.10.66 Buying Tickets (Just The Ticket)
8-930.10.66 Mr Phillips PromotionVolume 2
8-106.11.66 Pertwee And The Tratvian Beer
8-1113.11.66 The PM Papa
8-1220.11.66 Getting Rid Of Pertwee
8-1327.11.66 Off To Sea At Last


9-12.7.67 Have Been Towing (Back From The Antarctic)
9-29.7.67 Fishing In Troubled Waters (Fishers Off The Faeroes)
9-316.7.67 Cleaning Up (A Filthy Ferryboat)
9-423.7.67 Doing A Disastrical (Jigsaws And Jemmies)
9-530.7.67 Deliberately Abandoned (The Navel Review)
9-66.8.67 Going Caravaning (The Curious Caravan Case
9-713.8.67 Having A Bit Of Trouble With The French (Frenchmen in J.41)
9-820.8.67 Tangling With The Law (The Police Drop In)
9-927.8.67 Have Been Assaulting (Mr Murray’s Endurance Course)
9-103.9.67 Have Been Redecorating (Women In The Wardroom)
9-1110.9.67 Celebrating Their Important Anniversary (Troutbridge’s Silver Jubilee Party)
9-1217.9.67 Computerising (CECIL The Navigation Computer)
9-1324.9.67 Seeing Red (A Russian Rendezvous)
9-141.10.67 'Bugging' (The Bugged And Burgled Beer)
9-158.10.67 Flying In The Face (Picking Up The Poppadom)
9-1615.10.67 Cuthbert Joins The NavyVolume 1
9-1722.10.67 Frustrating The Spark Of Invention (The Flying Machine)
9-1829.10.67 Doing Some Historical Research (When Sub Lt Phillips Was At Dartmouth)
9-195.11.67 Frying Up (A Fishy business)
9-2012.11.67 Have Been Painting Pink Spots (Troutbridge In Quarantine)


10-113.10.68 Lighting Up (Troutbridge Electrifies Portsmouth)
10-220.10.68 The Redundancy DriveVolume 3
10-327.10.68 Dredging Their Way Through (The Smugglers Return)
10-43.11.68 Instructing Their New CO In The Ways (Captain Trotter Takes Charge)
10-510.11.68 Visiting Broadstairs ( (The Anti-Submarine Missile)
10-617.11.68 Accredited (Sub-Conductor Phillips)
10-724.11.68 Have Been Appearing (The South Kawowan Summit)
10-81.12.68 Avoiding Redundancy (Pertwee’s Enlistment Expires)
10-98.12.68 Have Been Exercising (Capt. Povey Takes Over)
10-1015.12.68 Crashing Their Way Through (Sir Willoughby Goes To Kawowa)
10-1122.12.68 Presented The Padre (The Padre’s Birthday)
10-1229.12.68 Blowing Up (The Portsmouth Kiosk)
10-135.1.69 Shot At (The Radio Beacon)
10-1412.1.69 Have Been Masquerading (Masquerade, Mr Phillips Wrong Uniform)
10-1519.1.69 Have Been Breaking Up (Harold Wilson Reviews The Fleet)
10-1626.1.69 Weathering (The Relief Of The Weather Ship)
10-172.2.69 Bunging Up (The Mickey Mouse Toothbrush)
10-189.2.69 Assisting The Police With Their Enquiries For The Last Time In This Series (The Brick Smugglers)


11-128.12.69 Desquatting Troutbridge (Lt Commander Murray And The Squatters)
11-24.1.70 Admiral Hunting (What Is The S.S.E?)
11-311.1.70 Promoting (C.P.O. Pertwee Climbs Up The Promotion Ladder)
11-418.1.70 Running Aground Capt. Povey As Governor Of Forbodia
11-525.1.70 Starred (Sir Willoughby’s Party)
11-61.2.70 Taking The Initiative (The Fleet Initiative Test)
11-78.2.70 Proving (C.P.O. Pertwee’s Long Service Medal)
11-815.2.70 Hunting Flying Saucers (The Phenomenal Pertwee Tug)
11-922.2.70 Spy-catching (The Security Clampdown)
11-101.3.70 Having Trouble With A Washing Machine (The Anniversary And The Washing)
11-118.3.70 The Forbodians Hijack TroutbridgeVolume 3
11-1215.3.70 Getting Spliced (Number One Gets Married)
11-1322.3.70 Bombarding (The Honeymooners Return)
11-1429.3.70 Trying For The Jackpot (C.P.O. Pertwee And The Lead Half Crowns)
11-155.4.70 Dartmouth Naval College Has Had A Narrow Escape (Sub-Lt Phillips To Leave For Dartmouth)
11-1612.4.70 Bashing Up The Radar For The Last Time In This Series (The Mark 31 Radar)


12-116.5.71The Put-A-Horse-Out-To-Graze FundVolume 3
12-223.5.71Impressions For SurvivalVolume 3
12-330.5.71The Beard-Growing Race
12-46.6.71The Mysterious Radio SignalsVolume 4
12-513.6.71Operation RecoveryVolume 4
12-620.6.71The Slogan ContestVolume 4
12-727.6.71Sir Willoughby At ShanghaiVolume 4
12-84.7.71Operation Cowes BargeVolume 5
12-911.7.71Number One’s Anniversary
12-1018.7.71The Loch Ness MonsterVolume 5
12-1125.7.71The Forbodian Attaché


13-126.3.72The TV DocumentaryVolume 5
13-22.4.72Escaping Back Into (The P.O.W. Escape Exercise)
13-39.4.72Number One’s Married QuartersVolume 5
13-416.4.72Operating For Profit (The Newhaven-Dieppe Smuggling Run)
13-523.4.72Cavorting About (The Bumble Spit Lighthouse Affair)
13-630.4.72Digging Themselves Stupid (The Tonipouhaha Treasure)
13-77.5.72The U.S.A. Navigator SwapVolume 6
13-814.5.72Son Of A Sea LordVolume 7
13-921.5.72Hypnotised (Hypnotising Ramona)
13-1028.5.72Mastering (The Master Of Sardinia)
13-114.6.72Opportunity KnockersVolume 6
13-1211.6.72Friday The 13thVolume 6
13-1318.6.72The New NAAFIVolume 6


14-129.7.73 The Montezuela RevolutionVolume 8
14-25.8.73 Having Their Little Boats Eaten (The Island Swordfish)
14-312.8.73 Bunged In The Brig (Bunged In the Rattle)
14-419.8.73 Doing A Kangaroo Polka (Kidnapped Down Under)
14-526.8.73 The Digital Isles Go UnstableVolume 7
14-62.9.73 Bombed By The Raffia (Egbert Hitches A Ride)
14-79.9.73 Povey An Admiral At LastVolume 7
14-816.9.73 Nobbled (The Bergan Horse Trials)
14-923.9.73 Mastering (Captain Povey’s Wig)
14-1030.9.73 Taking The Pill With Disastrous Consequences (The Brain Pill)
14-117.10.73 Demonstrating Their Firepower (Operation Showcase)
14-1214.10.73Living The High Life (CPO Pertwee Yachtmonger)
14-1321.10.73The Talpinium ShellVolume 7


15-19.11.75 Sequel To The Talpinium ShellVolume 8
15-216.11.75NANAVolume 8
15-323.11.75Fallen Victim To The Green Eye Of Jealousy (Helen, the New Wren)
15-430.11.75Were Freezing Their Assets (Relief For Station 150)
15-57.12.75 Rejuvenating (Black Is Beautiful)
15-614.12.75 Throwing Their Voices (Sidney And The Stamp)
15-721.12.75 Riding To Victory (Commander Murray Becomes A Showjumper)
15-828.12.75 Confounding The Ungodly (Horrible Horace)
15-94.1.76 Burning Their Bras (Officer’s And Gent’s Lib)
15-1011.1.76The Case Of The HGM Mark 5Volume 8
15-1118.1.76 Having A History Lesson (Uncle Wilberforce Pertwee)


SP16.7.77The BBC Are Sending The Bill To Buckingham Palace